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The entire ITS team stands ready to support you through the evolving Coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and informed. Check government advisories before traveling.

The future of travel technology

  • Travel Management, its fast, easy and smart.

    ITS is a technology driven travel management company that focuses on
    smart products and solutions. Whether your travel program focus is on
    policy, discounts, expense, safety, or sustainability, ITS applies leading
    technologies to deliver a fast, easy user experience. Our steward-based
    service supports companies of any size around the world.
  • Business travel just got TripEasy!

    Let’s face it; travelers want their corporate travel booking engine
    to be as easy as the consumer sites. TripEasy has smarter fares,
    cheaper hotels and more options. We provide features and
    savings that even commercial booking sites can’t compete with.
  • Event booking and registration is seemless with TripEvents!

    Give your attendees the power to choose, self-book & manage events.
    Invited guests don’t have to navigate to another site for event
    registration, travel booking and meeting agendas. You attendees can
    even share itineraries, arrange meetings and coordinate ride shares.
  • Expensing travel made simple with TripExpense!

    TripExpense allows you to add and sync items to your preferred
    travel expense report provider with one click. Talk about hitting the
    easy button! Now you can book travel and create expense reports in
    the same app or website. No longer will you have to use two systems!

Products that work for any business

  • Price Audits
    Price Audits
    Sometimes prices change...don't get stuck holding the bag.
  • Traveler Security
    Traveler Security
    If Liam Neeson was an app,
    this would be it.
  • Global Reporting
    Global Reporting
    Stronger than a Locomotive,
    faster than a speeding bullet.
  • Unused Tickets
    Unused Tickets
    The type of bank account you
    look forward to checking.
  • Guest Booking
    Guest Booking
    We make it so easy, even a
    caveman can do it.
  • AI Robot
    AI Robot
    I was automating policy and
    audits before it was cool.
  • Trip Approvals
    Trip Approvals
    Remember Bob's boondoggle to
    Vegas? Sorry Bob, those are over.

Latest trends from our virtual world

  • Will Travel Disruptions Continue? Yep. How to Better Plan.
    Janet RickmanThe Travel Insider | Nov 2022
    As we make travel plans for the rest of the year, whether for business or personal trips, a lingering trend is sure to raise concern. Anyone who has traveled recently has no doubt run into long lines, delays, or cancellations. Will this perfect storm of a reduction in flights....
  • Five Tips to Leveraging Your New TMC
    Cody BorenImplementation Guru | OCT 2022
    Finding the right Travel Management Company (TMC) to assist with your travel program is a crucial undertaking. Once the onboarding process begins and you move toward completion, there will be a lot...
  • Carbon Emissions Calculations – The Sequel
    Brian TanisTHE PRODUCT SUPERHERO | Sep 2022
    Back again with carbon emissions front and center. Last time, I promised to share some greater detail around how the TripEasy carbon emissions estimator delivers the carbon footprint produced by the flights...
  • Carbon Emissions Calculations Made Easy
    Brian TanisTHE PRODUCT SUPERHERO | Aug 2022
    I’ve been watching the dramatic series “For All Mankind” for my evening entertainment while the July temperatures in Texas soar to 109°F (it’s still 100° at 8p.m.). In the series, the creators have shown that early space exploration was calculated and calibrated....
  • Decreasing carbon emissions means increasing demand
    Brian TanisTHE PRODUCT SUPERHERO | Jul 2022
    Travel is necessary for almost any business, of any size. Countless Zoom, Teams, or Chime meetings (ok, maybe only Amazon uses Chime) cannot replace a good, well-timed in-person meeting...
  • TripEvents is Changing the Event and Travel Industry
    Mary GrimleyEvent Groupie | Mar 2022
    TripEvents is changing the way attendees book in the event and travel industry. No longer will your guests have to navigate through multiple websites to register and book travel for an event, meeting...
  • Energy Companies May Be Missing Out
    Jeff WilkinsonOffshore Optimizer | Jan 2022
    With Travel & Expense being one of the biggest strains on an organization’s budget, now more than ever is the time to review your travel costs. It is important to partner with...
  • What Carbon Footprint Does Your Flight Make?
    Brian TanisTHE PRODUCT SUPERHERO | Jan 2022
    When selecting a flight, what do you look for? If you are planning your family trip, price probably factors into your decision – it certainly does for me. Are you loyal to one airline? Or do you try to find a non-stop that leaves at 9am? Your company...
  • Travel During the Holidays?
    Janet RickmanJanet's Travel Tips | December 2021
    Now that we are in the midst of the holiday season, business travel can often feel more chaotic due to the high volume of holiday travelers, especially with the ongoing pandemic. To make sure your business trip runs as smooth as possible, we have...
  • How Can a Business Traveler Make a Difference?
    Brian TanisTHE PRODUCT SUPERHERO | Nov 2021
    For the third installment of our three-part series, we focus on the shopper. Specifically, the business traveler or a leisure traveler shopping for the “least offending” carbon emissions option, which could save twenty, thirty, or even forty percent...
  • Corporate Response to Carbon Emissions and Sustainability
    Brian TanisTHE PRODUCT SUPERHERO | Nov 2021
    We’ve already covered the airline industry’s initiatives, so this 2nd post of 3 will attempt to explain how a sample set of large corporations are addressing sustainability. As you can already guess, travel is sometimes the number one priority but for many companies...
  • Why Do Travel Industry Suppliers Care About Carbon Emissions
    Brian TanisTHE PRODUCT SUPERHERO | Nov 2021
    Carbon emissions awareness and tracking are a major topic in the aviation industry today more than ever before, but what is driving this change? It is clear that the pandemic’s pause on business travel industry drove basic awareness. Road warriors had free...
  • How We Managed Unused Airline Tickets
    Chadd ElsenTHE REPORT WIZARD | October 2021
    More often than not, business travelers book their own trips, whether that is directly with the airline or through a discounted consumer booking site. When changes or cancellations to a reservation occur, companies do not have access to their employees’...
  • 7 Reasons to Use A Corporate Travel Agency
    Sarah ThomasThe Travel Maestro | October 2021
    Due to the pandemics’ effect on the travel industry, it has not been the same since. It‘s apparent that travel industry will constantly change and fluctuate with the world’s time. With that, it is valuable for company travel policies...
  • Four ways to travel safe, smart, and stress free
    Mona MirandaThe Client Advisor | August 2020
    We've made it our mission to make sure our travelers feel safe hitting the road during these confusing times. While most of the time, that means getting you the most up-to-date information...
  • Busiest Airport in America Commits to Traveler Safety
    Renee McKenneyCorp. Travel Guide | August 2020
    Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport earned the busiest airport ranking (USA) based on the number of passengers on flights. Heavy traffic aside, travelers moving through the airport can rest easy...
  • Updating your COVID Travel Policy
    Jeff BorgerdingThe Policy Guardian | July 2020
    For many, the Coronavirus pandemic all but shut down business, and with that corporate travel. As countries start to emerge and open their economies...
  • Three ways ITS leveraged technology during COVID-19
    Adam MalcolmProject Super Hero | July 2020
    With the ever-changing travel climate due to the coronavirus pandemic, having an agency to help navigate these rough waters can be a game-changer. At ITS..
  • Questions You Need to Ask Your Travel Agent Today
    Sarah ThomasTravel Maestro | June 2020
    The coronavirus outbreak has taken a profound toll on the economy and the travel industry. As businesses tighten their purse strings and take a more in-depth look into their expenses, we know how important...
  • Ways to Engage your Customers Outside of the Office
    Elissa FriedmanThe Sales Specialist | June 2020
    This spring, meeting culture went online. Tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams were quickly leveraged, so no meetings were missed. As grateful as we are to technology...
  • Restarting your travel program
    Mona MirandaThe Client Advisor | June 2020
    Over 60% of American's surveyed say they are looking forward to air travel again. The question on everyone's mind is not only when they will be back in the air, but what should they do to prepare for the new normal? Before you book your first trip, read our tips...
  • Preparing to Travel: What you Need to Know
    Richard KumpfThe Business Buff | June 2020
    After months of decline, air travel is picking back up. We know many of you are eager to jump back on the plane and get back to business but might still have questions on safety protocols ...
    Rick Kumpf | APRIL 2020
    The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating to our daily lives, the global economy, and the travel industry. It has affected everyone we personally know, from the health of many to the welfare of most. While we all stand united ...
  • Travel Resolutions
    Emily’s Travel Tips | JANUARY 2019
    Traveling for work can be a fun adventure or a taxing routine, depending on your experience and perspective. Being away from friends, loved ones, homes and the ease...
  • Data Security Guard
    Not everyone hustling through the airports in December is paying a visit to relatives and loved ones. Many are corporate travelers attending events and meetings...
  • Gameway at DFW
    The Client Advisor | August 2018
    “Minecraft,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege”- these popular video games may not be what come to mind when you think abouts...
  • TripApproval on phone screen
    Travel Policy Guardian | July 2018
    In 20 years...I’ve encountered the gamut of employee travel behavior from those who take license with travel spend. For companies of any size, business travel...
  • Man in vehicle
    Mike BatesTHE TRAVEL AUDITOR | July 2018
    Work smarter, not harder. This manifesto is unapologetically overused but has yet to go stale because the premise is 100% spot on. Have you ever eyed an expensive item at a....
  • City scape
    The Travel Insider | May 2018
    Last month, we checked the numbers on what business travelers really think of hitting the road for work, and a whopping 92% said they were satisfied with their lifestyles.
  • Woman reclining on plane
    The Travel Insider | March 2018
    Despite her deep pockets, New York City real estate mogul and tough shark Barbara Corcoran isn’t beneath flying economy to save a buck or two. To make the experience more enjoyable...
  • Man pulling luggage
    The Travel Insider | February 2018
    Packing smart is often the first big obstacle of a trip, even for the most frequent travelers. Follow these simple tips to keep your packing to a minimum in time, effort and space.
  • Wi-Fi signal
    The Travel Insider | February 2018
    For many employees travel isn’t a mere disruption to routine, but rather a way of life. Technology has played a crucial role in reducing the stress...

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Support your program
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60 Countries

Company was founded
First frequent traveler loyalty program
Non-GDS ticketless system for major airline
Fax satellite ticket printers for tickets and boarding passes
First PC based online air booking engine
Online hotel and car booking integrated with air
First agent based online air booking engine
Automated agent quality control system
Automated upgrade and wait list program
Assisted with Sabre’s online booking engine BTS
Assisted with multiple airlines online booking engines
Policy integrated with online travel booking
Raised $80 million for venture backed online booking company
Web-based online booking engine
Built Worldspan’s online booking engine
Online approval workflow tool
Multi-GDS translator for online booking
Mytrip robot for repeat trips
Integrated calendar booking engine
Mid-office robot for QC capture lower air, hotel and car
TripAudit searching for lower air prices
Automated real-time ROI
Interactive unused ticket bank
User accessible online reporting system
Duty of care system
PC based approval violation reasons
First no-show flight audit
Auto-apply unused tickets
Consolidator booking engine
TripAudit searches for lower hotel rates
Automated virtual payment system
TripAudit searches for lower car rates
Convention booking engine for Star Alliance
Custom corporate booking engine for major US airline
Integration with airline direct connect
Group booking engine for oneworld
Round the world booking engine for SkyTeam
Auto-book hotels for crew bid lines
Auto-book ground for crew bid lines
Mobile app, to call, email or text
Marketplace hotel aggregator for online booking
TMC WeChat collaboration in China
TripAudit alternate air, hotel and car search for lower prices
Itinerary sharing and inviting for traveler trips
Mobile TripApproval with policy violation reasons
TripAudit auto-book lower same air, hotel and car
Crowdsourcing aggregator for online booking
Global data consolidator for multiple countries
Trip options sent to crew pilots to select and auto-book
IROP booking solution
TripAudit auto-book traveler accepted alternate air, hotel and car options
Approval system with declined air, hotel and car options
Artificial intelligence with Ava Chat integrated into mobile booking
Calendar integration with trip itineraries
Social integration for easy login to online booking engine
Social integration for following coworkers trips
IROP manifest auto-booking air solution
TripApproval with air, hotel and car audits
TripEvents combining online event registration & booking
Custom corporate booking engine with cabin classes and seat merchandising
Custom shuttle mobile platform for major airline
Online and mobile corporate loyalty redemption for major airline
Artificial intelligence for online booking with Facebook messenger
TripGuest created for non-employee (candidate) travel
Expense integration with online booking and multiple expense companies
Loyalty points for traveler and traveler invitees
Open booking data integrated into duty of care, policy violations, trip audits, etc
Integrated profile synchronization with ERP expense system
Added Rail product support in US
Integrated event registration with seamless online travel booking
Integrated Route Happy NGS (Next Generation Storefront) for all branded fares
Added traveler mobile check-in for duty of care
Developed mobile-centric TripHub to add travelers, to view schedules, and discuss trips
Created first social group trip invitation
Developed first Blockchain universal policy encrypted PNR concept
Transforming the travel industry through innovative technology services and solutions.

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