Direct Supplier Booking

Capture all of your bookings

Program compliance saves money

  • 42% Book Direct
  • 7% Waste Unused Tickets
  • 14% Violate Policy

Increase traveler compliance

  • Forward
    direct for
    easy access

    Travelers that book part of a trip or all their trips with suppliers direct can forward their itinerary to the booking site to consolidate all trip components in one itinerary for convenience. The forwarded bookings are then normalized into a common database allowing the company to maintain duty of care and analyze travel trends.
    Graphic of phone with right arrow to indicate forwarding
    Travelers use
    multiple sites
    Companies want
    duty of care
  • Import direct
    bookings from
    email systems

    Companies that want to import "all" of their employees’ direct bookings, can sign up with a web-based service to monitor employee travel-related itineraries and import their data into a common database. Once the data is parsed, the company monitors cancelled tickets to verify re-utilization for future travel.
    Cloud to indicate uploading
    Travelers change/
    cancel their trip
    Travelers don’t reuse
    unused tickets
  • Export direct
    bookings from
    email systems

    Companies using server based email systems may license email filter technology to run on their email server to find "all" employee travel itineraries booked direct and export the data to a common database. Once the data is normalized, the company can audit prices for program compliance, policy compliance, and monitor fraudulent expense reports.
    Graphic with arrows to indicate exporting
    Travelers violate
    lowest price policy
    Travelers reuse
    tickets for personal

Additional Services and Tools

  • Email itineraries forwardedEmail itineraries forwarded
  • Automated itinerary captureAutomated itinerary capture
  • Itinerary data aggregatorItinerary data aggregator
  • Itinerary data normalizationItinerary data normalization
  • Open booking policyOpen booking policy
  • Open booking auditsOpen booking audits
  • Open booking notificationsOpen booking notifications
  • Open booking reportingOpen booking reporting

“We had ITS automate the
capture of our open bookings
which gave us even more visibility
into the location of our travelers,
even when they booked on airline

Human Resources Manager