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Auto-book crew from your bid line

Automated travel reservations reduce costs

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Integrate crew scheduling with auto-booking

  • Integrate crew
    bid-lines with
    policy booking

    Multiple airlines have integrated their crew scheduling bid-lines with automated booking robots to bring their agent salaries and travel management fees down. These robots utilize tiered union-based travel policies with corporate, consolidator and marine discounts for both air and hotel. Bid-lines can be booked, re-booked and auto-canceled in minutes.
    Robot graphic
    Decrease in
    agent salaries
    Decrease in
    agency fees
  • Auto-send
    crew members’
    trip options
    from bid line

    Several airlines use their crew scheduling bid lines with automated booking robots to send crew members in-policy trip options. Once a crew member selects their preferred flight or hotel, the robots automatically book the trip, giving crew members the flexibility to choose the options they want while saving the company money on agent costs and agency fees.
    Pointing at phone screen graphic
    Crew members
    prefer choices
    Crew member
  • Monitor
    flights and
    hotels for
    instant voids

    Airlines use robots to monitor their crew no-show flights, cancellations and changes to auto-void and reduce total travel costs by 15%. These robots constantly check flight status to determine if the flight coupon was lifted. If the coupon was not lifted, the robots auto-void (refunds) or save for future use.
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    Airline tickets
    Average savings
    per transaction

Additional Services and Tools

  • Administrative portalAdministrative portal
  • White label booking portalWhite label booking portal
  • API solutionAPI solution
  • Robust reporting/trackingRobust reporting/tracking
  • Manifest uploadsManifest uploads
  • Custom branded itinerariesCustom branded itineraries
  • Real-time traveler reportsReal-time traveler reports
  • Traveler notificationsTraveler notifications

"By Integrating our crew scheduling
system with an automatic booking
agent, we reduced the time to book
14,000 bid-line room nights from
days to 6 hours. This allowed us to
redeploy travel staff to other critical
functions, and generate savings on
non-contracted hotels by booking
them sooner."

Chief operating Officer