Unused Tickets

Recoup unused tickets

How much can you save from unused tickets?

22% Potential Savings

Don’t let changes cost you

Capture & save cancelled or unused tickets

View real-time dollar amounts and the number of
tickets that were canceled or lost/found, that can be

Laptop showing available savings

Apply credits to future travel

Apply unused ticket credits into a void, refund or
partial payment for a future trip.

Laptop showing vouchers

View available ticket credits before they expire

Verify there is no wasted or misused travel spend
from trip changes and cancellations.

Laptop showing ticket expiration status

Key Product Features

  • Email ticket expiration reminders
    Email ticket
    expiration reminders
  • Search no-shows in real-time
    Search no-shows
    in real-time
  • Identify name change opportunities
    Identify name
    change opportunities
  • Recycle unused  tickets automatically
    Recycle unused
    tickets automatically
  • Monitor banked tickets to reissue
    Monitor banked
    tickets to reissue
  • Prevent personal travel fraud
    Prevent personal
    travel fraud

Client Testimonial

Businesswoman's headshot

"Unused Tickets shows me the number of tickets that have
been canceled, no-showed or might be expiring
soon. This helps tremendously in keeping our travel
budget in check."

Travel Manager