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  • Shopping cart graphic to convey online purchasing
    View multi-cabin &
    branded fares
  • Person in seat graphic
    Access seat
  • Tall building graphic to convey hotels
    Aggregate multiple
    hotel sources

Plan, book and manage everything in one place

Search by cabin class & branded fares

View unique fare combinations and seat
merchandising not available to other booking sites.

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Combine air & hotel to save

Bundle air with hotel or rental car to create opaque
package pricing.

Laptop showing total trip cost

Apply corporate & agency discounts

Book travel using discount contract codes and
audit the trip for price decreases.

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Key Product Features

  • Access smart fares & aggregated content
    Access smart fares &
    aggregated content
  • Implement a simple or robust travel policy
    Implement a simple
    or robust travel policy
  • Login & share trips socially
    Log in & share
    trips socially
  • Book multiple travellers at the same time
    Book multiple travelers
    at the same time
  • Receive daily travel alerts
    Receive daily
    travel alerts
  • Utilize supplier loyalty programs
    Utilize supplier
    loyalty programs

Client Testimonial

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"My travelers love TripDirect. The fact that they use it by
choice speaks volumes! It’s never been this easy to get
people on board!"

Travel Arranger