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Guaranteed savings on every trip

Cell phone showing alternate flight choice

Save on same or alternate flights

Search and save on fare changes with same or
alternate in-policy flights.

Cell phone showing alternate hotel choice

Save on the same hotel or with alternate hotels

Search and save on rate decreases with the same or
alternate in-policy hotels with the same or better star
rating within a preferred distance.

Cell phone showing alternate rental car choice

Save on the same or alternate rental car companies

Search and save on the same or preferred rental car
companies as the rates drop with the same car type or

Key Product Features

  • Auto-rebook same reservation
    same reservation
  • Auto-ticket same air supplier
    Auto-ticket same
    air supplier
  • Audit alternate suppliers
    Audit alternate
  • Upgrade reservation if cheaper
    Upgrade reservation
    if cheaper
  • Audit refundable vs. non-refundable
    Audit refundable vs.
  • Auto-rebook split tickets
    split tickets

Client Testimonial

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"Price Audits automatically rebooked my hotel at a
cheaper price. I was able to save the company
money without even trying."

Business Traveler