Guest Booking

Let guests book their travel

Who do you have to book guest travel for?

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Guest travel made easy

Create a company guest travel template

Managers can set destination, hotel property and
transfer templates for a repeat candidate,
contractor or ad-hoc guest travel.

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Invite company guests for easy booking

Recruiters can set specific Arrive By and Depart By
times to ensure candidates arrive on time.

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Allow guests to self-book their own travel

Candidates, contractors, speakers and other
company guests can book their own travel under
company policy and payment, but input their PII

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Key Product Features

  • Prepay guest travel
    Prepay guest
  • Control travel dates and times
    Control travel dates
    and times
  • View travel and meeting agenda
    View travel and
    meeting agenda
  • Maintain guest privacy
    Maintain guest
  • Choose preferred suppliers
    Choose preferred
  • Approve guests' trip
    guests' trip

Client Testimonial

Businesswoman smiling

"Guest Booking took so much work off my plate. All I have to
do is set up the travel and meeting parameters, and the
rest is up to our guest."

Meetings & Events Coordinator