Carbon Neutrality

Book sustainable business travel

What is the status of carbon emissions in travel?

  • 2.5%
  • 35%
  • 69%
    Travelers think
    travel is
  • 73%
    Millennials &
    Gen Z are
    willing to
    pay more

Knowing your carbon footprint is important

  • Implement a company sustainability program
  • Make your travelers happy by giving them options
  • Evaluate air carbon emissions output annually
  • Impact demand and make a difference
  • Leverage carbon footprint data during travel booking

Make smarter travel decisions

Organize flights by output levels

Organize flights by output levels

Budget your travel emissions output by sorting and filtering carbon levels by cabin class.

Evaluate all flight options

Evaluate all flight options

View the average carbon output per person, per flight for the requested travel market.

Book greener travel

Book greener travel

Purchase a flight with the lowest carbon emissions output.

Key Emission Rate Considerations

  • Aircraft type
    Aircraft type
  • Seating & layout
    Seating & layout
  • Origin of flight
    Origin of flight
  • Peak travel times
    Peak travel times
  • Flight duration & distance
    Flight duration & distance
  • Speed & altitude
    Speed & altitude

Client Testimonial

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"I've always been concerned about my carbon footprint when I travel. With the carbon offsets feature from ITS, our travel manager can budget for better options. We can finally make a difference."

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